When you sign up as a member of the LC Alumni Society, you will be able to get involved in the following programs and activities.  Looking to get involved? Let us know and send us an email at!


In the fall we will roll out our Mentorship program where you can sign up to be matched with an undergrad or younger alumni with similar interests. You can participate in the program from anywhere. We are also encouraging participants to engage a reverse-mentorship, you never know what they can offer you in return.

Continuing Education

In true LC fashion, we hope to provide opportunities for you to build your knowledge on leadership, networking, business, and just general awesomeness. This includes a blog updated with articles, guest contributors and recommendations on everything from books to podcasts to interesting people to follow. We’ll also share any relevant news, events or trainings and seminars that we know are happening around the country.


It wouldn’t be the LC if it didn’t include proper networking opportunities. As a member of the LC Alumni Society, you will have a deeper and more usable connection to the LC Alumni network. We’ll help you organize events, meet-ups,  and help you connect through our LinkedIn group so that you can catch up with old buds or make some new ones.

Leadership Collaborative Conference

We are here to support the undergraduate conference in any way we can. Our members will have the ability to assist with the FYE Leadership Collaborative conference and events in any way we can. This includes first access to events and involvement.


As part of our support for the LC conference and our partners in the FYE office, we will be raising money to provide scholarships for undergraduates hoping to participate in the Leadership Collaborative. If you’ve got some fundraising chops, we’d love your help.

LC Alumni Society Board

If you want to be involved in the society on a higher level, we definitely have space for you on our board. Whatever role, capacity or time commitment you can make, let us know and we’ll put you to work!